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Meat your local butcher

We take telephone orders – I try to answer by the third ring – but I prefer to see customers face to face. We open at 8am on Saturdays, so that’s a good time to avoid queuing and you can pre-order on Friday and pick up on Saturday.

Our French customers like meat cut differently and it can take time to prepare, so sometimes you may have to wait a little longer. However, queuing is a good way to meet neighbours. – John Stenton

Call 020 8748 6121


John Stenton is a traditional English and French butchery situated in the heart of Brackenbury Village, Hammersmith, London


John Stenton sources the world’s finest meat by visiting farms and verifying that the highest possible standards have been met


Cotes De Boeuf, Noisettes D’Agneau, Osso Bucco, handmade gluten and wheat-free organic pork sausages, Wild Boar, Boerewors…

John Stenton: H&F Civic Honours Award-winner

 The H&F Civic Honours are a chance to recognise the amazing contributions made to the local community by local residents and community organisations.

Grade A5 Wagyu Sirloin

Hammersmith butcher, John Stenton Annabel Moeller
From the 3rd of February John Stenton will be offering Grade A5 Wagyu Sirloin.
Place your Wagyu order by calling 020 8748 6121.

Monday 19th 8am-4pm
Tuesday 20th 8am-6pm
Wednesday 21st 8am-6pm
Thursday 22nd 8am-4pm
Friday 23rd 8am-9pm
Christmas Eve 8am-4pm
Happy Christmas!


Friday 30th 8am-4pm
New Year's Eve 8am-4pm
Happy New Year!


Thursday 5th Jan at 8am

Kindly note as of December 14:
Beef, lamb and gammon available.
All poultry sold out.
We will be re-stocked come January.

The Queen's Platinum Jubilee Street Party

The Queen's Platinum Jubilee
The Queen's Platinum Jubilee
The Queen's Platinum Jubilee
Hammersmith butcher, John Stenton
Photo credit: Annabel Moeller

Feeding locals during COVID-19

Local shoppers are continuing to turn to local shops amid concerns about visiting supermarkets during the coronavirus pandemic.

We are very grateful for the support our community has provided to us. We are here to help those that cannot leave their homes and in need of contactless deliveries

St John Ambulance Fund Raiser

St John Ambulance
- Fund Raiser

Fund Raising Presentation December 5 2020: We support St John Ambulance, the nation’s leading first aid training provider. They deliver first aid, health & safety and mental health first aid training to hundreds of thousands of companies, local authorities, and members of the public every year.  Photo taken by local photographer Annabel Moeller

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