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Serving The Community

I have customers from all walks of life and I enjoy having fun with them. The kids say hello on their way to school and I’ve got to know so many family generations – that’s lovely.

No short cuts

When people don’t recognise a cut of meat, I explain what it is and how to cook it and, on the next visit, we hear all about it. We get some wonderful compliments. One lady said: “Thanks for making our Christmas magnificent.” That’s what gets me out of bed at 6am. There are no short cuts in this business!


Trusted suppliers

We source the world’s finest meat. I keep tabs on where it comes from by visiting the farms – I know how the animals are reared. 

50 years

We’ve turned the clock back 50 years and now wrap meat in grease-proof paper to save on plastic. Customers come in with polyurethane re-sealable plastic bags and boxes; however, using them is like standing in a freezer with your coat on. The cold can’t get through to the meat and lower the temperature enough. We suggest glass pyrex containers to keep meat cold while you do your bit for the environment.

We take telephone orders – I always try to answer by the third ring – but I prefer to see customers face to face. 020 8748 6121